Issue 15: Poetry

the witch who grew flowers from her hands, by Bre Legan


Paternal Weather, by Kendyl C. Cunningham; photography by Kiley Brockway

Princesses in Towers, by Kendra Stepnowski

Untouched and Unspoken, by Natalie Ring

Your face, my face, by Anonymous

Other Words for Longing, by Bianey Calixto-Dominguez

foliage folk, by Daequan Muirhead; art by Yatin Marneni

Guardsmen, by Maximillian Marquez; art by Bre Legan

Nuclear Family, by Paige Stoeffler


stand by myself, by Emma Brown; photography by Kiley Brockway

Sunset at Sugar Creek, by Blake Trembath

Necessary Showers, by Madison Miller

LOVE & WAR, by Andrew Mokwinski

Love Confessions from a Neurodivergent, by Jannea Thomason

If I Loved You Less, by Fiona Kelly-Miller; photography by Kiley Brockway

Oyster, by Claire Carlson

A Tale to Tell the Time, by Fatma Al Araimi; art by Yatin Marneni


Soy Mexicana, by Alex Zaragosa

Israeli, b. 1966, Abraham and Isaac, 2006
Chromogenic color print 2015.4
, by Yubi Suarez and The Key to the Jail Cell, by Daniel E. Suarez

Drive Fast Take Chances, by Hailey Mulvihill

Nature’s Balanced Opposites, by Noah Sandberg; photography by Alex Gambacorta

The Lessons, by Paul-Hervé Quesnel; art by Yatin Marneni

Yearning – Apollo, by Eric Nassos; art by Yatin Marneni

Osedax, by Bre Legan; art by Yatin Marneni

Prayers for Snow, by Riley Ellison