Princesses in Towers

Kendra Stepnowski

Why do they lock up princesses in towers?

Surely they know by now segregation drives mad

Any lass would much prefer flowers

The knights clad with white gold call themselves saviors

Although they haul children from their mothers and fathers

Sapphire belted knights practice heathen behaviors

The king assures dough for the meager and poor

Yet it is coming from the lowly craftspeople not the

Elites who forge ahead persisting to bet and score

The fledglings dream with stars in their eyes

Wisdom and judgement of the old dresses young with stripes

Inquisition retained behind bars whilst their banner flies

Princes committed to designate gifts

Of gold to mammoths and mules

While the maidens are uplifted and dismissed


Kendra Stepnowski is a student in the Marquette English department. Kendra studies criminology and abnormal psychology which motivates the dark fantasy themes she writes.