The Key to the Jail Cell

Daniel E. Suarez

I gave you the key – the sage that protects my heart

Once you open the door to my safe

The darkness and cold will be replaced

Now filled with warmth and love

Inside these cold cell walls

My heart is very different

My heart is no longer filled with blood

My heart is filled with fear

You alone hold this key to my safe

Hold my heart gentle and be afraid to break it

Once upon a time I was broken pieces

Left alone for so long

Through so many seasons

Seeking understanding

Asking God to show reasons

Placing my heart in your hands

Only for this reason

Will I be here for the 120 years?

Or will my God create in me a clean heart and free his servant one day?

Ecclesiastes 3:4 a time to weep, and a time to laugh

Today I choose to laugh a lot and be Mr. Positive


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