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Cover design by Ciaran Blaha, featuring art from the issue.

Dear Readers,

We are excited to present to you the 15th issue of the Marquette Literary Review! Our team received an abundance of submissions this year, with a total amount coming close to 200 pieces of poetry, prose, and art. Using a blind submission process, our team has complied a coherent, overarching theme—Time.

For poetry, we split selected pieces into three categories based on their messages of grief, love, and hope—all themes that fall under the umbrella of time.

For prose pieces, we split up selected submissions to represent their intended genres, fiction and creative nonfiction. All of these pieces grapple with some aspect of time—whether it be loss, hope for a brighter future, or an encapsulation of the lighthearted things in life.

This year marks the first year of the MLR’s move to a website format. Because of this, we were able to pair the various works of art and photography we received with some of our pieces on their individual pages. We hope that you enjoy this issue, our team has certainly enjoyed putting it together.


Editors Lauren Harrison and Hannah Hernandez

Issue #15 Poetry

Issue #15 Prose

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