Untouched and Unspoken

Natalie Ring

I speak in hushed tones so they don’t hear me breathe 
My tongue tied in a noose around my neck 
My words have no freedom, they will lock me in a cage 

I am a foreigner here
A death wish held in my throat, 
if I trust you I’ll tell it 

Freedom is a puppet for which they pull the strings 
In an instant the strings will turn into chains

They have created monsters with angels wings
The trembling of a child overcomes me as I look to the sky 

Breath is only for the worthy
What makes you worthy anyways? 

They have turned me into the devil and painted me red

No words are safe, no one is a friend

Even now, I’m afraid to put words on the page


Natalie is a freshman in the Marquette English department. Natalie is a member of the Marquette women’s volleyball team and enjoys writing poetry and spending time with her family.