My Nagymama’s Kitchen

warm vanilla beckons me             exhausted, its guiding, leading. 

  showing the way to the comfort of warm tejbegríz covered in chocolate,  

like hot kakaós csiga even better with  the coldest glass of milk, so hot it melts  

my heart, while it’s at it the chocolate covered cottage cheese whose alliteration  

scares most, but hey, more for me as I sneak past the frosted glass, wearing  

my magic cloak sneaking that extra bite, one I’ll soon miss,  

especially when home is where the heart is  

mine melted in my Nagymama’s 

kitchen years  


Sophia Berzsenyi is a student studying Cognitive Science and Writing Intensive English with a minor in Psychology. Growing up Hungarian-American in America, Sophia always felt that half of her heart was on the other side of the world. This piece is a true reflection on what that means for her through one of her love languages: food!

“Elementary school students baking cookies for economics lesson” by Ligato. Temple University.
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.