I am from a lazy street. Is it clement or cement? 

The fields are lush full of honeysuckle and bees 

Brown skin glistening in the sun’s heat 

Walking barefoot on concrete 

I am from ice-tea and food for the soul 

Come in when the street lights are aglow 

And a bit of gossip with every stroll 

The sound of bees, wasps, dragon flies 

Scorching truths and hidden lies 

Don’t look at the sky…oh no there’s a  

Star in your eye 

I am from yes ma’am and no ma’am 

Yes, sir and no sir 

A bible belt holding together a mini skirt 

I am from respect your elders, or else 

Eyes downcast 

Sweet little smile 

Bow and curtsy 

Is she not worthy? 

Little Fires everywhere 

Are those stallions in her hair? 

I am from sugar from the neighbor 

Any gossip to share? 

Dreamed of fish last night 

Cross your belly and hold on tight 

I am from the back of my eyelids 

My origin unfolding 

I am from the tips of my fingers 

Constantly molding 

Humming a hymn… 

Just a closer walk 

Is it real, or just fantasy talk? 

I am, I am, I am…

Lava Ham is a graduate student and Trinity Fellow studying English. This piece was inspired by a prompt given to her by her professor, Dr. Sorby, in her poetry class to write a poem about “Where I Am From.”