The Final Frontier

If by some sci-fi 

Error you stepped forth full-formed 

From water unfit 

To question motive 

Of he who gleams in gentle 

Silurian sun 

Would you fight the draw 

Of yet inhuman topsoil  

Or sharp proto-plum 

Or collapse into 

Garden singularity 


Winking allure of 

Polos for rich spacemen and 

Grilled cheese sandwiches 

Spinning on God’s fine 

China. You take your turn at 

Creation’s table 

While the rest of us 

Consider the merits of 

Mud versus sea birth. 

And when there remain 

Five stars in heaven above

Unplucked by dreamers 

Ask if it is good. 

You could wait for answers but 

We won’t hold our breath.

B Mallek is a Master’s student in English.

Yerkes Observatory, Keystone View Co., IUPUI Department of History,