there is a flower garden in my belly button

there is a flower garden in my belly button. 

people can’t see it, but i promise it’s there.  

when i’m sick, i throw up rose petals. 

carnations grow out my ears when i have a bellyache.  

anytime bacteria come around, the venus fly traps have a ball.  

instead of medicine, i take soil when i have a cold. 

thank goodness i’m not allergic to pollen! 

sometimes dirt falls in my pants. 

it storms on the 3rd of every month.  

i breathe the cleanest air in all the land. 

i can NEVER smoke a cigarette, that would be fatal. 

when i get an ultrasound, i think i frighten the doctors. 

procreation looks a little… silly. 

the sun perpetually shines on my organs.  

my small intestine goes through photosynthesis. 

the bumblebees build hives around my appendix. 

my umbilical cord was the stem of a rose – with thorns. 

there is one cactus near my lungs, it scares me. 

chlorophyll courses through my arteries. 

there are vines wrapped around my ribcage. 

my lymph nodes are covered in moss. 

my pancreas is a florist, she keeps shop near my spleen. 

my red blood cells pick the peonies every sunday morning. 

my kidneys had their wedding in the fields of my tummy. 

my heart plays she loves me, she loves me not every. single. day. 

i caught a couple teenage stem cells fooling around in the marigolds yesterday. 

there are lilies, lavender, irises, peonies. 

tulips and roses; sunflowers and daisies. 

azaleas, daffodils, orchids, begonias, violets, even succulents. 

my stomach walls contain the eighth wonder of the world 

and a whimsical medical mystery. 

it is beautiful and technicolor,  

something even your wildest dreams couldn’t concoct.  

every inch of my abdomen is eccentric and 

eternity is the amsterdam tulip festival inside my belly button.

Kendyl Cunningham is a third-year undergraduate student studying Marketing and Writing Intensive English. This piece is inspired by Dr. Sorby and an attempt of her trying something new. She wanted to write a more whimsical poem that was equally beautiful and scientific.