Valentine Heart

doors open.                                         

I hear the clicking of my heels

on the empty church floor.

my gaze travels,

across the empty seats

until they finally land on the altar.

his spirit burning,

the sounds of Ireland

linger in the background.

I remember

all the trips we took to France.

running wildly through the bedroom,

grabbing his compass to guide the plane.

standing on the red dock.

just talking

about all that lies ahead.

giving my speech at graduation

the hug he gave me

and the words he said

how he would always ask

the same two questions,

and give the same response when I answered them.

Christmas eve,



standing here now,

his compass in my hand.

staring at his face.

a culmination of paint and water.

creating a remedy for our sadness.



as people fill in the seats




then it begins.

the sound of bagpipes fills the air

the flood gates open

as we sing his soul

back home

Natalie Ring is an undergraduate student studying Education and English. This piece was written in reflection on the life and death of her grandfather. It drew inspiration from their relationship to depict the experience of being at his funeral.