Yearning – Apollo

Featured image: A Jump Through Space, by Yatin Marneni

I can finally relate to that devil of a dog,
who pines for a ball trapped under an ottoman.
Whining, sighing, prying, pawing.
The poor creature claws and claws,
clawing, yapping, longing, yearning
for the bright blue sphere which locks him away
from the freedom to jump and play.
He barks and barks,
barking, stomping, wagging, annoying me

until it’s my turn to kneel.
Kneeling, sweeping, grabbing, tossing
for the dog to finally feel complete
and ready to face his dog days once more.
I turn back to work away,
working, fretting, typing, toiling,
as I paw mentally at the window,
with another life to yearn for
somewhere out there.

Eric Nassos is a student in the College of Business Administration. Eric plans to publish his first-ever poetry collection in a chapbook during 2023. “Yearning – Apollo” is one of twenty related poems, which assess the emotional impact of everyday surroundings and internal functions.

Yatin Thomas Marneni is a student studying in the Accounting Program at the college of business at Marquette University. He spends his time studying for class, visiting his family in Illinois, and working on various drawings and paintings.